Outisde dining will be available at Zeffirellis and the new Ambleside Manor Tea Garden from 12th April, Walk-Ins only. Both Zeffirellis and Fellinis will fully re-open from the 17th May. Reservations are being taken now.

Ambleside Days Saturday Afternoon Concert

Tickets: Ticket [book online] £15.00


Paul McCandless, multi Grammy award-winning reed player and mainstay of the legendary quartet Oregon since the 1970s, makes a much-anticipated visit to the festival in the company of Californian trio Charged Particles, featuring three virtuosic players: Murray Low is a keyboard wizard with dazzling Latin-jazz technique and imaginative improvisational skills. Aaron Germain an inventive and sophisticated acoustic and electric bassist. Along with fiery drummer Jon Krosnick, these musicians are making some of the most electrifying jazz in the USA today.