Outside dining is available at Zeffirellis and the new Ambleside Manor Tea Garden, Walk-Ins only. Both Zeffirellis and Fellinis will fully re-open from the 17th May. Reservations are being taken now.

Latest Movies & Arthouse Films Films At Zeffirellis

Zeffirellis is an independent cinema that supports new and emerging talents within the world of cinema and the arts.

All 5 screens benefit from state of the art Dolby® Digital technology, air conditioning and induction loops plus Screen 1 and Screen 3 have Dolby® 3D capability.

Rsz those who wish me dead poster

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Rated 15

100 mins 2D Digital Action


Peter Rabbit 2

Rated U

93 mins 2D Digital Adventure

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Spiral: From The Book Of Saw

Rated 18

93 mins 2D Digital Crime

Nomadland poster


Rated 12A

107 mins 2D Digital Drama


Sound Of Metal

Rated 15

101 mins 2D Digital Drama



Rated 12A

116 mins 2D Digital Drama

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The Lady In The Portrait

Rated 15

108 mins 2D Digital Drama

Film Holding

Ambleside Days 02/09/2021

Not Rated

180 mins 2D Digital Event