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Zeffirellis is an independent cinema that supports new and emerging talents within the world of cinema and the arts.

All 5 screens benefit from state of the art Dolby® Digital technology, air conditioning and induction loops plus Screen 1 and Screen 3 have Dolby® 3D capability.


The Lion King

Rated PG

118 mins 2D Digital Adventure

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Pain & Glory

Rated 15

120 mins 2D Digital Drama

Mrs Lowry Son_QUAD_MR

Mrs Lowry & Son

Rated PG

91 mins 2D Digital Biography

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Downton Abbey

Rated PG

122 mins 2D Digital Drama

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It: Chapter Two

Rated 15

169 mins 2D Digital Horror


Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood

Rated 18

161 mins 2D Digital Crime



Rated 12A

116 mins 2D Digital Comedy


Blinded by the Light

Rated 12A

117 mins 2D Digital Biography

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The Mustang

Rated 15

97 mins 2D Digital Drama


Ad Astra

Rated 12A

123 mins 2D Digital Adventure