We are pleased to announce thats Zeffirellis and Fellinis will be re-opening from Wednesday 2nd December. In the meantime the Take-Away service will remain available.

Latest Movies & Arthouse Films Films At Zeffirellis

Zeffirellis is an independent cinema that supports new and emerging talents within the world of cinema and the arts.

All 5 screens benefit from state of the art Dolby® Digital technology, air conditioning and induction loops plus Screen 1 and Screen 3 have Dolby® 3D capability.


Cinema Paradiso (4K)

Rated 15

124 mins 2D Digital Drama

MV5 B Nz Q4 OGU3 Nj Ut OG Ri NS00 Nm Fk LWE4 Mm Mt O Dhi Nm Jj Mj Bm ZW Nj Xk Ey Xk Fqc Gde QX Vy M Tkx Nj Uy NQ V1

The Secret Garden

Rated PG

100 mins 2D Digital Drama


A Christmas Carol

Rated PG

96 mins 2D Digital Drama


The Loss Adjuster

Rated 12A

100 mins 2D Digital Comedy



Rated 12A

191 mins 2D Digital Drama


Song Without a Name

Rated TBC

100 mins 2D Digital Drama

MV5 BZW Fi N2 I4 ZT Qt ZDA2 NC00 Yz E3 LW Fh Mzgt ZWY0 MG Iz Njdi Zm Y3 Xk Ey Xk Fqc Gde QX Vy O Tgx ND Iz MTY V1

The Burnt Orange Heresy

Rated 15

98 mins 2D Digital Action

MV5 BOGU5 Yz Rm M Dct OD Ix Zi00 OG Ez LWE4 ZD Yt OT Rl MT Ni Zjlh MDA5 Xk Ey Xk Fqc Gde QX Vy O Dk4 O Tc3 MTY V1


Rated 15

107 mins 2D Digital Biography