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Zeffirellis Cinema, Restaurant & Live Music

A firm favourite with locals and visitors alike, Zeffirellis offers a cafe, terrace, restaurant, 5 screen cinema and jazz bar.


Fellinis 'Vegeterranean' Restaurant & Cinema

Fellinis is a modern 'Vegeterranean' restaurant catering for the most discerning palate with a distinct Mediterranean twist.


Ambleside Manor 15 Room Country Guest House

Just a short stroll from Zeffirellis, Fellinis and the centre of Ambleside; the ideal place to stay for any occasion.


Yewfield A peaceful and quiet retreat

Set in over 80 acres of private grounds with spectacular walks around the Lake District from the doorstep.

Latest at Zeffirellis

Latest Films

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The Bikeriders

Rated 15

116 mins 2D Digital Crime

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Inside Out 2

Rated U

96 mins 2D Digital Adventure

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Freud's Last Session

Rated 12A

109 mins 2D Digital Drama

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Unsung Hero

Rated PG

113 mins 2D Digital Drama

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The Fall Guy

Rated 12A

126 mins 2D Digital Action

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The Dead Don't Hurt

Rated 15

129 mins 2D Digital Drama

Latest Live Music Events

MEGA trio

MEGA trio

Tickets: music only £4.00 music and meal deal £23.50

Yorkshire's Mega Trio formed as the house band for Harry Stobart's Jazz at the Grayston Unity, playi…


Dale Storr

Tickets: Music Deal £23.50 Ticket Only £4.00

"A very, very fine piano player indeed" ~ Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2 Described by Jazz Journal magazine…

Nina and Sam EJ5

Sam Dunn and Nina Clark

Tickets: Music Deal £23.50 Ticket Only £4.00

‘Take Love Easy’ - Celebrating the duets of Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass. Fifty years ago, Ella Fitz…

Maranello Trio

Maranello Trio

Tickets: Music Deal £23.50 Ticket Only £4.00

The Maranello Trio comprises Jamie Taylor (guitar), Adrian Knowles (double bass), and Jason Scott (p…

GM GK Dunsmore Minneapolis 201611

Gillian Margot and Geoffrey Keezer

Tickets: Ticket Only £15.00

We are very lucky to have at late notice two extraordinary musicians - Gillian Margot Vocals and Geo…

Download 1

Fred Binley and friends

Tickets: Music Deal £23.50 Ticket Only £4.00

North-West based singer and pianist is looking forward to tinkling the ivories at the Zeffirellis Ja…

Latest Special Events

Riverdance One Sheet Online

Riverdance - 25th Anniversary Show

Rated U

Live Concert 120 mins 2D Digital

Showing: |

NTL 2019 Present Laughter Website Listing Images layeredfiles Listings 1240x874px white

NT Live: Present Laughter

Rated PG

Live Theatre 180 mins 2D Digital

Showing: |


André Rieu's 2024 Maastricht Concert: Power of Lov

Rated TBC

Live Concert 180 mins 2D Digital

Showing: |


RB&O Cinema Season 2024-25: The Marriage Of Figaro

Rated TBC

Opera 240 mins 2D Digital

Showing: |

1 1

RB&O Cinema Season 2024-25: Alice's Adventures In

Rated TBC

Opera 205 mins 2D Digital

Showing: |

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Concert 120 mins 2D Digital


Zeffs Experience


For 40 years Zeffirellis been a firm favourite for loyal friends and customers, winning many awards and accolades for our fine vegetarian cuisine, film premieres, music events and service.

Zeffirellis cafe

Daytime Café

Our friendly staff welcome you inside the cafe or outside onto the inviting terrace at Zeffirellis, a great place to meet. Have a coffee, read the paper and watch the world go by. Serving breakfast from 9am and lunch from 11.30am, plus fresh ground coffee, teas and home baked cakes.

Zeffs Jazz Bar Acee304Ae79Ae3298047F8C7Abef9Bca

Jazz Bar

Zeffirellis is widely acclaimed for hosting some of the world's top contemporary jazz greats Charlie Haden, Dave Holland, Egberto Gismonti, The Yellow Jackets, Zakir Hussain, John Taylor to name just a few.

We now have our informal music events most Friday and Saturday evenings.