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Trio JDM

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Trio JDM

Depending on one’s level of interest in the horseless carriage, the initials JDM might well conjure images of a 1996 Toyota Supra RZ - made, of course, for the Japanese Domestic Market…

It’s therefore an appropriate name for a new trio led by Dave Walsh; someone whose love of a good automobile is well-known amongst the musical community. There are many more, however, who know him for his superlative drumming with countless jazz greats, award-winning singer-songwriters, and chart-topping pop acts alike.

Proceeding alphabetically, the J of the trio is guitarist Jamie Taylor - himself a seasoned player who has been heard with some of the finest jazz musicians from either side of the Atlantic. Though proudly Yorkshire based, Jamie’s bop-influenced guitar work is also heard on a regular basis at legendary London venues like Ronnie Scott’s and The Troubadour.

Finally, the fulcrum of any organ trio is the musician behind the console, which brings us to M: the wonderful Martin Longhawn. Martin, who is perhaps best known to jazz audiences for his work with the excellent Svarc/Hanley/Longhawn group, has been establishing himself as a much in-demand pianist and organist over the last ten years. His command of this most difficult instrument is certain to win him many more admirers in the years to come.

Musically, Trio JDM draws inspiration from the great legacy of Jimmy Smith and Larry Young, as extended today by artists like Goldings/Bernstein/Stewart. Nevertheless, this is no tribute act; expect to hear accessible original music alongside material from a wide range of composers and eras.

Trio JDM is:

Dave Walsh drums

Jamie Taylor guitar

Martin Longhawn organ