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Stevie Williams Unplugged

Free Event


When you mention Stevie Williams (bass/vocals) to a muso you get a knowing nod and a "huge player" kind of response. Much respected for his work on 4 strings he is the driving force behind this outfit and the man responsible for their original material. No slouch as a vocalist either. Stevie and his phenomenally talented band just know how to blend momentous melodies, wistful thinking & insightful lyrics over skilfully crafted songs with zelig like skills, tapping into a range of vintage sounds infused with impressive guitar and lap-steel guitar licks. His style and plethora of diverse musical influences seamlessly blends blues, soul, country & folk music with a high sense of entertainment, resulting in a performance of songs that are at once world-worn and timeless. Stevie's album ‘Pockets Full of Gold’ is a doozie and a recommended purchase from all download and streaming sites. Not to be missed!