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Salsita is a group of 7 musicians: percussion, drums, keys, bass, guitar, sax and accordion/trumpet. Formed in 2019, this Latin Jazz band comprises experienced musicians who have a passion to accurately emulate modern South American rhythmic styles. Our take on established pieces plus original compositions, infused with jazz improvisation, create an energetic and engaging audience experience. We were very excited to come together and form Salsita and to write and perform together.

Howard Haigh - guitar
Robin Young - percussions/vocals
Pete Moser - trumpet/accordion/ percussion
Paula Williams - keys
Andy Smith - drums
Paul Froggatt - tenor & soprano sax/ flute/ percussion
Robin Mason - bass guitar

The band members have taken part in many separate projects in the past. We all agree that we feel real excitement for the music we are playing. Some quotes as to what the music means to us individually:

"The band is more than a rhythmic, explosive collaboration between experienced musicians - it seduces and includes the audience, immersing them in harmonic subtlety" "Salsita challenges me in a way that no other project does - that not only benefits my playing, but inspires me to be at my most creative" "The great thing about this band is the wealth of talent and experience directed towards a fresh take on Latino inspired music. I have been inspired and influenced by Latino music since my youth, incorporating elements of its styles and techniques into my own music. Salsita is an exciting opportunity to present original work engaging with a rich tradition but ambitiously moving in new directions."