Northern Sky

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The band combines the singing and song writing talents of local musicians Abby Colombi and John Osborne, often with guest musicians in hand.

Originally formed to play a fundraising gig for charity last summer, their popular appearance has now lead them to further shows and, now, a number of songs that they have written, which can be found on Soundcloud.

The secret weapon in Northern Sky’s armoury is Abby Colombi’s vocal, lending a soaring, powerful beauty to John Osborne’s delicately constructed acoustic and electric guitar pieces. Their recently penned song Face to Face, together with older songs Hanging on a Wire and Spooks Me Out (both collaborations with friends from earlier times) have attracted a lot of favourable views, but their unusual take on other artists’ songs such as Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love and Queen’s Under Pressure have proved equally popular. A significant number of other songs written by the band are in development and will be aired soon, according to the pair.

“We are enjoying recording some demos at the moment and also enjoying showcasing them to the wider public”, explained John. “We are not rushing anything but simply enjoying piecing new songs together that we can sit back, look at and be proud of”