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Luca Brasi Group

Tickets: Music + Meal Deal £23.50 Ticket per person £4.00

The Luca Brasi Group is a Lancaster-based band immersed in a spirited re-exploration of the straight-ahead swing, be-bop and Latin jazz classics of the mid-twentieth century and later. We share a belief that the melodies and the improvisational opportunities hidden within the changes that shape the American song-book standards strike a deep and resonant chord with audiences young and old alike. This music touches people. It makes them move, it makes them think, it makes them feel, and as musicians we move and think and feel right along with them. That's what the band strives for: finding that moment when music, band and audience merge as one. The well-known melodies of these songs open the door, but it's the improvisation that takes the band and audience through it. When it happens, it's magical. There's nothing like it. That's why we do it.

Saxophone - Paul Froggatt

Guitar - Tim Hickman

Keyboard - Paula Williams

Upright bass - Scott Montgomery

Drums - Richard Rushton