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Jon Kenzie

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Jon Kenzie is a well known folk and soul singer song writer from the UK who is finally back on the road. Due to the pandemic he has been unable to fulfil his normal routine of almost continuous touring around Europe, so instead he has used the time write, produce and record a brand new solo album which is now in the final stages of completion. Jon is an example of how an independent artist can survive and thrive in the modern music industry today and has truly worked his way up from the grass roots as he builds up his fan base by travelling Europe and performing on the streets in every town he comes to. His groovy guitar licks and powerful, passionate vocals never fail to stop people in their tracks. It is in this way that Jon has gone from strength to strength, playing bigger and bigger venues and festivals, bringing his music to the ears of more and more people around the world. Keep an ear out for the release of his fourth solo album!