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Blues Collusion

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This is a great band appearing at Zeffirellis in August 2018.

Coming from two very different musical and cultural backgrounds (Amera was born in Birmingham, UK and Rolly, Hungary), they have been able to cleverly combine their diverse music skills, influences and experiences to create a unique, current and original blues sound which is likely to appeal to Blues fans both old and new.

For Amera, her lyrics are all about emotion. She has always allowed emotions to drive her music and lyrics and finds it more difficult to write a song if she can't ‘feel’ the emotion behind it. All of songs on the Album tell a story, some of sadness and regret (as is typical of original Blues songs) but also a different kind of Blues – a yearning for ‘something’ or merely an emotion, such as love that is so desperate, it is almost painful.

For Rolly, it is more about his sheer love for Blues music which began when first started learning to play the guitar. The more he played Blues and listened to the music of great Blues artists, the more he became hooked. At the same time, Rolly became impressed by the story of the Blues and its transformation from its origins, right up to the modern era. He also learnt a lot about Blues music at University (he graduated as a Music Producer at Staffordshire University).
Currently, he loves the challenge of composing music, which has his own take on Blues but, at the same time still conforms to blues ‘rules’.