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Not Rated

74 mins 2D Digital Documentary Adults £8.00 Evening £9.00

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A cinematic and musical odyssey that explores the remarkable relationship between humans and rivers. Written by Robert Macfarlane with music by Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) and Featuring music by Jonny Greenwood and Radiohead and narration by Willem Dafoe.

Throughout history, rivers have shaped our landscapes and our journeys; flowed through our cultures and dreams. RIVER takes its audience on a journey through space and time; spanning six continents, and drawing on extraordinary contemporary cinematography, including satellite filming, the film shows rivers on scales and from perspectives never seen before. Its union of image, music, and sparse, poetic script will create a film that is both dream-like and powerful, honouring the wildness of rivers but also recognises their vulnerability.

Content Advisory: upsetting scenes
First UK Showing: 18th March 2022

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