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It Snows in Benidorm

Rated 15

117 mins 2D Digital Action Adults £8.00 Evening £9.00

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Bank worker Peter lives a grey life in Manchester dealing with late repayments and posting daily about the weather. After an unexpected early retirement, he decides to visit his brother in Benidorm only to discover that he has disappeared.

As Peter searches for clues, his encounters with an eclectic cast of characters only lead to further confusion. In looking for his brother, can he rediscover himself? Timothy Spall excels as a downtrodden man struggling to impose sense on the events around him, in a hapless detective story played out to a carnivalesque backdrop of Brits abroad.

Director Isabel Coixet (The Bookshop) takes inspiration from producer Pedro Almodovar by creating a bold combination of deadpan reality and fantastical imagery in a tale about everything - and nothing.

Content Advisory: very strong language
First UK Showing: 2nd September 2022

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