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Bolan's Shoes

Rated 15

98 mins 2D Digital Drama Adults £8.00 Evening £9.00

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Bolan's Shoes takes us on a tumultuous journey through the height of T. Rex mania in 1970s Liverpool. It captures the heady exhilaration of glam rock mania through the experiences of a group of over-excited kids from a local children's home before a devastating road accident changes their lives forever.

Years later, and still clinging to the adoration of her childhood idol, survivor Penny takes best friend and fellow Marc Bolan fan, Steffan, to visit his shrine in London, but a chance encounter there catapults her back to the horror she had tried so hard to forget. Light-hearted comedy and supernatural chills abound in this inspirational story that explores the enduring legacy of childhood trauma and the life-affirming power of music.

Content Advisory: very strong language, strong violence, discrimination
First UK Showing: 15th September 2023

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