North Sea Hyjack

Tickets: Music Deal £22.50 Ticket per person £3.00


North Sea Hijack are a super-tight, instrumental funk fusion trio from Lancaster in the North West of England.

A potent mix of hard-funking grooves, cinematic melodic structures and virtuosic jazz riffage, the gig experience is exciting, dynamic, full of rich moods and always has musicianship at its heart. Their set has an accessible mix of memorable original tracks and recognisable classics from the genre making them equally at home on the jazz stage and any venue where people want to dance or just get off on the band’s driving energy. Their first album is an eight-track introduction to their original material entitled MAN OVERBOARD. A shared enthusiasm for obscure films of the late and great Roger Moore led to the name of the band which is taken from an epic ocean-going load of nonsense co-starring James Mason and Anthony Perkins. The trio have played together since 2017.