Hidden Waves Quartet

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Hidden Waves Quartet is a newly formed (2021) group led by David Series.

The music explores a new level of composition and interaction, trying to take things in a different direction to previous recordings by writing with different concepts, intentions and influences and bringing together four extremely creative and interactive musicians. The original concept for the music was that things can happen to us or around us in cycles and waves as opposed to the way maybe prescribed to us by our diaries, time and other factors.

David wrote the music for this group whilst in lockdown in the north of Spain (Aragon). “The fact that I only had an old nylon string for three months really helped me come up with some music which sounded different to what I had written for groups previously”. There are Spanish influences in some of the music from David’s time spent studying in Barcelona as well as the guest artist ‘Urpi Barco’ from Columbia who sings on one track.

The core band on the album are Paul Harrison on keys (SJO, Tommy Smith, Blue Rose Code, Chris Potter, Ulf Wakenius), James Lindsay on bass (Braebach, 2014 Martyn Bennet Prize, Ross Ainsley, Hamish Napier) and Doug Hough on drums (Jim Mullen, Donny McCaslin, Evan Parker, Julian Arguelles).

The music is influenced by a complete mix of things including Flamenco, Debussy, Julian Arguelles and Jim Hall with a focus on improvisation and musical interaction