Birkett-Johnston Guitar Duo

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As refined a jazz guitar duo as you'll hear anywhere, James Birkett and Bradley Johnston present a programme of music by some of the most influential players and composers of the last hundred years, charting a musical journey which moves from early jazz and blues, through swing and bebop, to cool and contemporary. Their approach is described in the liner notes their debut album;

'The duo format is one the most challenging and rewarding for jazz musicians. It is a very intimate ‘dialogue’ that requires moment-by-moment awareness, sensitivity and responsiveness from both players in equal measure. A shared emotional landscape is essential in creating, shaping and sustaining the different character of each piece and, bearing in mind their forty year age difference, James and Bradley ‘commune’ with the music completely. At the heart of this communication is the love of the repertoire that has been handed down from the giants of jazz improvisation'.